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Updated: Friday February 2018

A Gift To You From Bang Bros

Bangbros has become one of my favorite memberships of all time. I love porn, as you all know, but this site is raw. It redefines vanilla porn, throwing in the taboo and the kinky like their cussing in church and have no clue that it is not normal behavior.bangbros deal I even love my membership with Bangbros after they decided to start the discount. I was like, what! I should have waited just one more day. Ah well, my penis hates me after last night’s binge on Bangbros and I am ready for round two.

What I love even more about them now, is the 77% Bangbros Discount that all of you adoring fans of mine get. Thanks for reading the stuff I write about my obsession with whacking off. You’ve been great.

So great, in fact, that you deserve this discount. Not just because you read what I write, but because you enjoy it.

Is Bangbros Any Good?

So what does an 77% discounted Bangbros membership get you?

Well, for one you get porn. Porn is good. I mean, that’s why we’re all here isn’t it? The one, common bond? The fact that we all like beating our meat (or flicking our beans, not trying to exclude any super awesome female porn freaks that should move in with me immediately) is what brings us together. Now we can all fap together at Bangbros, and you get to get in cheaper than I did! Such a world.

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You membership gets you virtual reality porn (if you have one of those new, handy dandy VR headsets),

  • 2,600 and counting hot and ready girls in a video library that goes above and beyond, with more than
  • 7,600 mind-blowing sexy videos.

There are more then 47 sites that are guaranteed to make your wet dreams a reality with Bangbros. Members can choose to pay by Bitcoin, check, phone and gift card. I love using gift cards for mine because it feels more like opening up the best present ever.

Did I Mention I Have A Bangbros Discount For You

We have an 77% Bangbros discount for you, so don’t just take my word for it. Go get your membership for cheaper than I got mine, and jack off as much as you can. Trust me, you will really enjoy it. I mean, I know that you can enjoy masturbation anytime, but trust me this is definitely my favorite site to enjoy masturbating to.

I have to admit, I am a little jealous of the 77% discount, but I already have mine and I will happily live with that. Jealousy is for the moment, but porn is for life.

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[Philip. S.]